Antibiotic Therapy

Brand Name Molecule ATC Category Packaging Class
Chimono Lomefloxacine Systemic antibacterials 5 tablets 400 mg A
Overal Roxithromycin Systemic antibacterials 12 tablets 150 mg A
12 delitescent tablets 50 mg A
6 tablets 300 mg A
Supracef Cefixime Systemic antibacterials 5 dispersible tablets 400 mg A
100 mg / 5 ml for oral suspension A

Our products

Lusofarmaco can claim extensive know-how in various therapeutic areas: cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, antibiotic therapy, neuropsychiatry and gynecology.

Research & Development

For many years, Lusofarmaco has been mainly a national company, with a portfolio focused on well-established medicinal products, which have been the reference drugs in their respective therapeutic areas.


Pharmacovigilance: what does it mean to monitor drugs?

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Capital Reported In Last Financial Statement: € 130.000
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